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Board of  L.L.V. Leicrosse

L.L.V. Leicrosse was founded on May 31, 2013. Since then, the association has had ten boards. Together with our members they have built the association into a sporty, cozy and close-knit club. Since October 2022, the twelfth board has been responsible for the ins and outs of the association. 

The 12th board (2022- ) 


The committees within L.L.V. support the Board in organizing activities, clinics and the dazzling 'team weekend'. No commissions, no L.L.V. Leicross. Do you also sign up? Below is an overview of the committees that are currently active.


The LaxCie is the activities committee of L.L.V. Leicrosse. This committee organizes an activity every month, such as the annual date dinner, a laser tag evening or a 'borrel.


The weekendCie organizes the association weekend, which is held annually at the end of June for all members of the association.


The CliCo consists of members who are enthusiastic about providing clinics to schools and other associations.